Collaboration – 50 Years of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I was invited to a collaboration on Facebook to celebrate 50 years of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and as a childhood favourite film how could I resist!

And as a lady of a certain age and growing in up in those 1970’s strange years I wanted to do something from the original film.  And along came Grandpa Joe singing – I’ve got a golden ticket – swinging himself around the post in nightgown, jacket, hat and stick.

 Made with my own mix of paste, he is suspended from the post just as he is in the film.  Of course he has an internal armature to help him do this and help him keep his airborne pose.

I’ve not made many men folk from sugar and I’m extremely pleased with how he is looking.   He is around 9″ high, I made the body and then dressed him.


About Rhu Strand

Sugarpaste teacher passionate about figurines and modelling and enabling you to reach your potential. Teaching in Hampshire, around the UK and on cake decorating holidays in France
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